Let’s Get Started!

I’m all about working with you to create a ceremony that is all about you. And because each couple is different, each ceremony is different. My biggest ‘thing’ is to remove that added pressure, and stress, and make the whole planning process fun, I mean it’s a wedding! It should be fun. Here is what to expect.


First Date

Let’s make a time to catch up and chat. You can tell me all about you, and your wedding plans and get a feel for me and my ceremony style.


Second Date

Ask me on a second date, and we’ll begin planning.  I’ll be asking you many questions to get to know you both better, and throwing ideas your way to help you figure out exactly what your perfect ceremony looks like.


The Paper Trail

We will complete all legal paperwork together; it will be easy!


Lock and Load

It’s time to lock and load; your full fat full flavour ceremony is written; so we will put on those finishing touches ready for the big day.


It’s Go Time!

You focus on celebrating with your family and friends, laugh, smile, giggle and cry, and I’ll take care of the rest.


No going back

I’ll finalise and send all your legal paperwork, and lodge them on the next business day. Easy done!